Fuel Oil Laboratory

The fuel oil water laboratory carries out the following services:

Fuel Testing

  • Recommendations for using additives
  • Recommendations for purification mode

Lube Oil Testing

  • Recommendations for mixing and changing oil
  • Recommendations for clarification process

Bunker Quantity Surveys

  • Measuring
  • Sampling equipment

Bilge Water Test

  • Tests of 15 ppm oil monitors with RS Certificate

Fire Fighting Foam Analysis

Halon Test

Analysis of Boiler Water

  • Recommendations for using treatment

Analysis of Cooling Engine Water

  • Recommendations for choosing additives

Chemical cleaning on the water and steam side

Ultrasonic cleaning

Analysis of Silicone damping fluids

  • Recommendations for usage

Test of Hydraulic Oil

Grease Analysis

Analysis of antifreeze

Analysis of heat transfer oils

Portable Test Equipment

  • Full range of testing
  • Fuel and Lube Oil portable Test Cabinet
  • Water Test Kit

Analysis of Exhaust gas

  • Flue gas analyzers
  • Multigas analyzers