Lifeboats, Launching Appliancies, Release Gear

Full technical maintenance of lifeboats and launching appliancies under Class Society.

Annual and five-year inspection of lifeboats and launching appliancies in accordance to SOLAS III/20, MSC-1/Circ.1206 Rev.01, MSC.402(96).

Servicing of davit-launched and free-fall lifeboats, rescue boats and launching appliancies for lifeboats and davit-launched liferafts.
  • Annual inspection and maintenance
  • Five-year load tests
  • Release gear service and repairs
  • Release gear replacement:
    • Automatic release hooks for liferafts
    • Off-load release hooks for rescue boats
    • Combined automatic release hooks for liferafts and rescue crafts
  • Tests of davit arms and frames
  • Falls replacement
  • Davit winches overhaul and maintenance
  • Repairs of davits and blocks with welding

Techservice Ltd. is an authorized service station for servicing of lifeboats and davits and has approvals from the following manufacturers:

  • Hatecke GmbH, Germany
  • Fassmer GmbH, Germany
  • d-i davit international-hische GmbH, Germany
  • Global Davit GmbH, Germany
  • Davit Company GmbH, Germany
  • Pesbo S.L., Spain
  • Oriental Precision and Engineering Co. Ltd., South Korea
  • Hyundai Lifeboats Co. Ltd., South Korea
  • Bada Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., South Korea
  • Dongnam Marine Cranes Co., Ltd., South Korea
  • Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co. Ltd., China
  • Jiangsu Jiaoyan Marine Equipment Co. Ltd., China
  • Montmontaza Greben Ltd., Croatia
  • Pella Mash, Russia
  • Stekloplastik, Russia
  • Mnev & K., Russia
  • Vestdavit AS, Norway
  • Gepa Fiberglass Industry & Trade Co. Inc., Turkey
  • Mansei Inc., Japan
  • Miura Machine Co. Ltd, Japan